Friday, April 24, 2009


Very long photo update:

Trip to the Barossa (wine valley)

We went to Jacob's creek, you can buy it in the US.

"Welcome to our place"

Beautiful Barossa sunset!

Another shot...

We went to the Konditorei... only in Australia.

Last day and Easter Egg hunt at play group... and kite festival

Bethany and me... she is SO stinking cute!

Some of the kids and their mums on an Easter Egg hunt!

My very first kite festival

There were heaps of kites!
Rugby Sevens and Footy

Rugby 7s... 16 countries, 3 days, the US got their butt kicked my New Zealand.

My very first footy game (AFL)... this is the field

Wineries with Yvonne, head of LCC

Wine tasting with Hil, El, and Yvonne.

Miles and miles of vines!

The three of us in the car.

haha Yvonne told us to look up in the air, it was more "artsy"

Night with Helen and Peter and Brighton Beach and Harmony Day in the city

The jetty at Brighton Beach

We found a car park just in time for the sunset

Peter, Helen, and us... we had Gillette sp?

A man doing tricks in the city on Harmony Day (When the government apologized to the aboriginal people for what they have done throughout history... it is a day where all people come together in peace.

Juggling fire, a sword, and an axe standing on two men from the audience!

Cleland National Park, Adelaide, Australia

Spoon beak bird!

I don't remember the name of these animals... if you know, please help me out.  They are Australian

Wallaby, I think

What a lazy kangaroo!

me petting a koala

Beautiful pelican

comodo dragon

more lazy roos

Isn't it cute!?

The first roo I was with a joey!

Gum trees... 

Check out their feet!

Feeding a roo

BAHAHA, feeding an emu.  I look scared!

Dingos.  If you've ever heard the phrase "A dingo ate my baby" and laughed, you'd be sad to find out it is based off a true story... ask me some time...

Black swan


Enterance to Cleland Wildlife Park.


Trip to the world's largest rocking horse in Gumaracha, South Australia

Here it is!

Me touching my first roo!

These three animals followed me around everywhere, and I didn't even feed them!

Feeding a roo!

It is crazy to me that emus, alpaccas, kangaroos, sheep, goats, peacocks, chickens, etc. can all live in one enclosed area!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

old photos

Food and Fellowship Sunday with Beibei!

Making yummy sushi!
We used crab, shark, salmon, and prong!

Beibei made potato pancakes... here is the batter and a few cooking.

Me and Beibei about to bite into our purple Chinese buns!

Glenlg Beach

It was freezing!!!


FUEL Weekend

Me and Gabby dressed up for 70s night... we didn't try too hard.

Some of my awesome teammates for the Amazing race. They had to skull (chug) a blended drink that consisted of a McDonald's cheeseburger, fries, and coke! Way to take one for the team guys!

Cricket bowling was another portion of the race.

Elsbeth was awesome enough to jump into the pool and get the CDs that made a Bible verse so we could get the next clue in the race.

70s dinner

Some pretty cool people we met at FUEL!